Etiquette of Ventura County

etiquette manners

etiquette manners

etiquette mannersetiquette mannersetiquette manners

Lesson Options


Manners That Matter

Focus on Dining Skills

Ages 10-Adult


Four Course Meal Included

Lesson is presented at each course

Approaching the Table

Navigating & Understanding Table Settings

Seating a lady
Creating Table Conversation
Table Manners
Napkin Lesson
Continental & American dining styles

Passing Foods & Unwanted Foods

Take home handouts provided

2-Half Hour Lesson



Manners That Matter "Basics"

Focus on Etiquette Training

Ages 6-14 (3 Day Lesson)


Rules Introductions & Eye Contact

Power of a Handshake
Topics of Conversation 

Table Setting Formal & Informal

Good Grooming Tips

Sitting, Seating, Standing Rules

Opening doors

Good Manners

How to write a proper thank you note

Managing Finger Foods  


Cultivating Character After-School Program

 T-K to High School age 

(Classes Grouped by grade)

​​Five 50-minute lessons

Handouts, Activities, Fun Games.

Students learn when and why we use etiquette in social situations.   

Learn more about an etiquette curriculum for your school.

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Tea Party Events

Etiquette Tea Party*

Tea Party Fun

​​Ages 7-Adult

Tranquility Tea Room

2527 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 

Thousand Oaks



All Things Tea 

300Lantana St # 37,




Learn etiquette tips while sipping tea surrounded by elegant charm.

​​Client contacts tea room to plan their event. or reservation

*$10.00per person paid to Etiquette of VC, a seperate cost from event

Etiquette Tea Party
Ages 7-Adult

 1- hour lesson taught by Ms. Lutz 

Thousand Oaks & Camarillo

Etiquette Tea Party

Ages 7-Adult

 1- hour lesson taught by Ms. Lutz 

Thousand Oaks & Camarillo